EJCCL Symposium 2012

The European Journal of Commercial Contract Law (EJCCL) in co-operation with Maastricht University and the Amsterdam Centre for Insurance Studies (ACIS) presents the EJCCL Symposium 2012:


Contracts and Third Parties in Commercial Law


Brussels, Friday 30 November 2012




  • Introduction by the chairman
  • Third party rights v. privity of contract, Prof. Anka Ernes, Heerlen-Maastricht/The Netherlands
  • Third party beneficiary in commercial law, Prof. Nicolas Carette, Antwerp/Belgium
  • Undisclosed principal in commercial law, Dr. Roderick Munday, Cambridge/England
  • Third party rights under bills of lading, Frank Stevens LLM, Antwerp/Belgium


Date: Friday, November 30th,  2012, 14.00-17.30,  drinks afterwards

Place: Maastricht University Campus Brussels, Avenue de l’Armée 10, Brussels

Registration fee: € 295


Credits of Orde van Vlaamse Balies have been applied for.


Register online


More information: info@parislegalpublishers.com

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