Special EJCCL: CMR

European Journal of Commercial Contract Law, Issue 2017-1/2


Leading Articles

‘One Belt One Road’, Sub-Regional Transport Agreements and the CMR – a case of mutual dependency?
Jason Chuah


The Concept of the Successive CMR Carrier on Trial

Simone Lamont-Black


Should one adapt Article 29 CMR?

Marc Hendrikse


The CISG Advisory Council: A Model to Improve Uniform Application of the CMR?

Cécile Legros


Is the CMR fit as the applicable regime for B2C e-commerce deliveries?

Wouter Verheyen


When Technology takes the Wheel

Marta Katarzyna Kołacz and Gerald Hopster


CMR: Have we reached the end of the road?

Michael Antapasis


Multimodal Transport of Goods, CMR and the Effects on the Liability Regime of the Persons Involved in the Whole Carriage Operation

Elena Orrù

€ 29,50

ISBN: 1877-1467

Practice area: European law, Commercial law

Number of pages: 60

Release date: 6 juli 2017

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